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Live on the Web 24 Hours A Day

Effective January 1, 2004



On January 1, 2004, Industrial Metal Cleaning Corporation went live on the Internet 24 Hours a day.   Industrial Metal Cleaning Corporation is a family-owned and operated business that was founded by John R. Pedrotty in 1951.

Jeffrey F. Pedrotty, Sales and Plant Manager, indicated that it did not take long to see that IMC's Website was going to be a great asset in obtaining new business, as well as enabling existing customers to contact IMC around the clock.  Jeffrey commented

that the eight-hour workday is virtually a thing of the past.  Customers deserve and require the ability to reach us 24 hours a day and the Internet makes this possible.  He further indicated that IMC's international customers have already benefited.  He went on to state that this is also a great way for IMC and its customers to keep their costs down as it is much quicker and certainly more efficient to send an email inquiring about an order, determining turnaround time for new orders, check pricing, etc.  Jeffrey Pedrotty emphasized that we are a mobile society and the Internet enables IMC to keep the doors open to its customers 24 hours day - communication doors.

For more information, Contact:

Jeffrey F. Pedrotty

Industrial Metal Cleaning Corporation
801 Cass Avenue St. Louis, MO 63106
Tel: (314) 621-4209    FAX: (314) 621-4210

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