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In 1951, John R. Pedrotty, my Father, Owner and Founder of Industrial Metal Cleaning Corporation (IMC), decided to pack up his family and move to the beautiful St. Louis, Missouri area. He began his business career at Wheelabrator after graduating from the University of Notre Dame and returning from his tour of duty in the Navy. Being a World War II Veteran, my Father was no stranger to a challenge.

World War II was an economic boost for the St. Louis area with almost half of the United States small arms being supplied from this region. The savvy businessman that he is, my Father saw an opportunity and seized it. The Gateway to the West! The Gateway of Hope and New Beginnings! St. Louis was that and so much more for the Pedrotty family.

My Father secured his first opportunities with McDonnell Aircraft and the F4 Phantom I. Working closely with McDonnell Aircraft’s staff, it was obvious that new processes and techniques were required. By 1959, my Father had pioneered and perfected the Shot Peening revolution. As a result, he was one of the key developers of the PS-14023 Specifications for McDonnell.

By this time, Dad had expanded the business into Shot Peen and Wheelabrator cleaning of automobile and truck parts, as well as moving into the coin industry.

In 1980, my Father brought me on board as the Plant Manager for IMC. Keeping attune with the requirements of our customers and the industry, I expanded our operations to include mass finishing operations with the addition of vibratory deburring, ball burnishing and polishing. By 1989, IMC was in full swing with Roberts Corporation and McDonnell Douglas – Boeing doing work for the C-17 Globemaster III, F-15 Eagle, F-18 Hornet, AV8 Carrier.

During the 1990’s, IMC was processing parts for the Apache Hellicopter, Boeing’s 737, additional work for the F-18 Hornet.

As our customer's requirements grew, so did IMC.  Early in 1990, I increased IMC’s ball burnishing and vibratory processing division, added the On-Site Shot Peening and Oxygen cleaning services, introduced Ceramic blasting, Ceramic and Shot Peening Sales and pioneered the on-site Flight Safety Division. In addition, I added F-15 Titanium to our processing family.

IMC may be small in nature; however, we have a mighty history of pioneering the techniques, specifications and services that our customers require. In today’s business environment, customers are not standing at your door for assistance. You have to be committed and prepared to provide the services that are required today and will be sought after tomorrow. IMC has long been respected for its commitment to "Excellence in Quality, Innovation and Services!"

The Aircraft industry must have the highest quality products in their fleet. Lives depend upon it! That is why IMC has been a part of this industry since my Father founded it in 1951. IMC is committed to its customers. This is evidenced by the addition of company-critical on-site services, securing critical certifications so that we can continue to provide the excellence our customers depend upon, the purchase of a 22 cubic foot - Industry Leading Grav-i-Flo Torex Vibratory machine to join the processing power of our 14 Cubic Foot Sweco and New Holland barrel machine. We are equipped to handle very small parts to very, very large parts. IMC has the Expertise and Commitment to provide the "Excellence In Quality and Service" that our customers require – "Now and in the Future!"

Call IMC today and we will work closely with You & Your Team to provide the processing solutions that Your Excellent Product Line – Your Excellent Organization Requires & Deserves!


Jeffrey F. Pedrotty

Sales & Plant Manager

Industrial Metal Cleaning Corporation


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