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IMC may be small in nature; however, we have a mighty history of pioneering the techniques, specifications and services that our customers require.  We are equipped to handle very small parts to very, very large parts.

Shot Peening

Shot Peening is a cold working process in which the surface of a part is bombarded with small spherical media called shot. Each piece of shot striking the material acts as a tiny peening hammer.


A blasting process that utilizes a spinning paddle wheel capable of propelling abrasives into the most difficult areas of your parts - large and small.  Take advantage of one of IMC’s 3 on-site Wheelabrators. 

Clean, Deburr & Polish

Small or Large - IMC's has the equipment and expertise to help turn your processing challenges into market opportunities.  Our 22- and 10- cubic foot machines are ready to clean, deburr & polish your parts today!

Trust IMC to Deliver Your Company-Critical Solutions!

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